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Sisters Embrace the New in the Heart of Africa

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Saint Alphonsus welcomes back Sisters Beth Mulvaney and Brenda Cousins who recently spent three weeks in Uganda. As elected delegates to the 2014 General Chapter of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the Sisters traveled more than 14 hours and over 8,000 miles to Uganda where the meeting was held. Their experience in Uganda proved to be a milestone for the Sisters, as it displayed how multicultural the congregation has become. I’ve invited Sister Beth and Sister Brenda to tell us a little more about their recent journey:

Uganda 2014 073“The gathering (called a General Chapter) of the Sisters happens every five years with elected delegates from the whole Holy Cross community who come together and assess how they are doing and what their direction should be for the next five years. Once the direction is determined, they elect leadership that guides us to living the direction chosen by the Chapter. “

“This General Chapter was an especially unique experience because it was not held at its usual location at Saint Mary’sat Notre Dame Indiana. Instead, the chapter was held in Entebbe, Uganda, which highlighted both the intercultural and international reality of the Congregation. Thirty years ago, the Sisters of the Holy Cross were mainly a U.S. congregation with some missions in other countries. Now the Sisters have members who are citizens of Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. There were delegates from each nation in attendance at the 2014 General Chapter, which further highlighted the evolving multicultural nature of the congregation. “Uganda 2014 088

“The Direction given by the Chapter reflects this intercultural and international reality by calling us to ‘adapt to the needs and reality of each place where we are’ and to ‘deepen our understanding and appreciation of distinct cultures, realities and persons’ as well as to assume ‘mutual responsibility’ in participating in God’s mission to all of God’s people.”

“When elections took place, Sister Brenda’s gifts and talents were recognized and she was elected to the General Leadership Team. This full time position is a five year commitment and requires Sister Brenda to relocate to South Bend, IN. She will leave Saint Alphonsus at the end of July.”

“The Sisters hope to bring the multicultural nature of the congregation back to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center with the hopes that all colleagues will adapt a multicultural mindset so that Saint Alphonsus can move in the Direction decided at the General Chapter. They hope that Saint Als will assume the mutual responsibility of creating a positive healing environment for the residents of Boise as it becomes an increasingly intercultural community.”

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