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Healing Through Music

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One of our Chaplains, Ben Chon, has been sharing his musical talents with cancer patients in the infusion clinic a few times a week for quite some time.  He sings, plays his guitar, and talks to them while they receive treatment.  The patients are so grateful for his presence, and they always express how his music takes their mind off of their pain, eases their anxiety, and gives them hope.

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Chaplain Ben’s musical contribution to patients at the Cancer Care Center is a testament to the importance that a full music therapy program can provide in the healing process.  The Integrative Care Team was inspired by Chaplain Ben’s healing approach through music and decided to develop a complete music therapy program.  They began by applying for a LIVESTRONG grant, in hopes of funding a full music therapy program for the Cancer Care Center at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center.  To win the grant, they needed to garner the most votes out of over 100 hospitals and other competing organizations who also applied for grants.  It was a long shot, but the Cancer Care Team and Chaplain Ben had hope.

Over the last few weeks, they experienced something amazing – an overwhelming outpouring of support from both the community and the Saint Alphonsus staff.  The votes were enough to win a $15,600 grant from LIVESTRONG, making a new music therapy program possible!

I’m so proud to join them in celebrating this achievement.  It touches me to know that they are so continuously passionate about the well-being of our patients facing cancer.  With this LIVESTRONG grant, the Cancer Care Team and Chaplain Ben will have brought the healing presence of music to people facing life’s toughest health challenges.

To see more about the program, check out KTVB’s great report on our LIVESTRONG grant and the music therapy program at Saint Alphonsus (click here)

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