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Letters from Patients and Families

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Working on the front lines in health care can be challenging.  I know first-hand, as I too worked as a nurse for a number of years some time ago.  Working in a healthcare setting tests our patience, our emotional strength, and our confidence.  Sometimes, when there’s a tough day, we wonder why we do it.

But then we remember the patients.  We remember the sDSC_1145miles, the laughs, and the gratitude that we feel when someone is healing.  We remember how the little actions that we do every day can make a world of difference for those in need of care. We remember the letters and notes we receive from our patients that express their gratitude for their nurse, their doctor, and the other people at Saint Alphonsus that made their healing experience better.

I would like to share with you some snippets of the thank-you notes we have received recently from our patients and their families.  They express how our people at Saint Alphonsus make lasting impressions on them.

Here are a few highlights:

“We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you for your integrity and going the extra mile on our behalf.  Thank you for employing such caring people who will reach out to help anyone in need.”

“A little over 18 months ago I was admitted to your outstanding hospital with a very serious condition.  Instead of dying, I’ve just recently enjoyed the birth of my 3rd grandson!”

“When all the test results were in, I knew that my daughter was not going to recover.  In your hospital, you treated a dying patient with hope as if she would live.  I asked to take her home, and the staff worked to make it possible.  I got to cuddle my daughter in my arms one last time.”

“From the moment I entered the clinic, everyone was professional, concerned, polite, and very helpful.  My care far exceeded my expectations and I will be sure to refer others to the clinic in the future.”

“Just outstanding!”

“I’ve had three kids at Saint Al’s, both were c-sections, and my nurse was phenomenal.  When my friends tell me that they are having a baby at Saint Al’s, I tell them to ask for my nurse.  I feel like I made new friends and I miss them already.”

“You did a superior job taking care of my mother.  You went above and beyond to make sure my mom received the best care that day.”

“A great job by all!”

“You took the time to listen to my concerns and did so in the most professional way, leaving me with a very good impression.”

“I have experienced excellent care from multiple clerks, technicians, and professionals who administer tests and imaging studies.  I know I am in a quality facility when janitorial staff help me find my designation without being asked.”

These comments are only a few among the numerous patient letters we receive on a regular basis.  I’m proud of the effort by everyone at Saint Alphonsus in creating the best experience possible for our patients and their families.


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