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Canyon County’s Newest Addition

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A few years ago, we took an in-depth look at what the people of Canyon County needed to improve their healthcare experience.  We talked to first-time mothers who wanted a shorter drive when they visit their obstetrician.  We talked with the people who needed advanced heart care, but wanted to stay close to their families and friends in Nampa.  The response was overwhelmingly clear – the people of Canyon County wanted more expansive services, closer to their homes.

Birkeland 7After much thought and reflection, it was decided that Saint Alphonsus would provide Canyon County with a state-of-the-art heart center and a world-class maternity center, using a combination of the most advanced technology in the industry and proven perinatal safe care delivery.  These new high-tech centers could offer advanced services that would otherwise require Canyon residents to drive all the way to Boise.

DSC_0135We knew exactly who we would name the maternity center after, too.  Dr. Fred Birkeland was an inspiration to everyone he treated – and for many, was responsible for delivering a loved one into the world.  So began the planning and construction of the Birkeland Maternity Center and Heart Center at the Nampa Health Plaza.

Fast forward three years, and this beautiful new facility has come to life.  With amenities like plush inpatient rooms, in-room catering, massage service, new baby classes, jetted tubs, and more, it provides patients with the most comfortable healthcare experience possible.  But not only will this building provide comfort, but it also provides necessary life-saving services – like the closest catheterization lab to I-84, nuclear medicine, and Canyon County’s first and only neonatal intensive care unit.

DSC_0154We are thrilled to open the doors of the Heart Center and Birkeland Maternity Center at Saint Alphonsus I-84 & Garrity to such a wonderful and supportive community.  And to the people that made it all possible, your hard work and graciousness will live on to serve thousands of patients; from the newborn to the heart patient, your contribution will touch the lives of many.

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