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Making a World of Difference – One Small Act at a Time

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Some have big aspirations to change the world; solving hunger crises, curing diseases, eradicating poverty.  While these big ambitions are very important, sometimes we forget that the small things we do every day can change the world.  Stretching out our hand to help others – with what may seem like small actions – can make a world of difference.  These acts of selflessness and compassion can ripple far beyond what our eyes can see.

A wonderful story came to me today from Taryn Mayer, one of our Patient Relations Coordinators, about her experience volunteering with Rake Up Boise this year.  The Saint Alphonsus team, by offering their help, made a world of difference for one local woman.  In Taryn’s words:

“We were assigned to an elderly couple’s home.  When we arrived they asked if we could also rake the neighbor’s house as they had seen a 10 year old little girl out there doing all the raking.  Of course our team was happy to do it!  Being the eager to serve team we are, we quickly finished the jobs and decided to move across the street to a large yard covered in leaves.  Little did we know what an impact we would have on the resident!  She came out in tears, giving hugs to those around and expressing her sincere gratitude for our act of kindness.”

“You see, she lost her husband a year and a half ago to a heart attack and she was the one who found him lifeless in their backyard.  The yard was a source of pain and trauma for her.  She was left to figure out things she had never had to do before such as home repairs and maintenance.  The pain in her eyes was evident as was the deep gratitude she had for our work.”

“She said how thankful she was to be a witness to our team’s hard work.  She was in awe of how God
sent her help at just the right time!  Despite the rain, snow and cold temperatures the team of colleagues I had the pleasure of serving with were the happiest, most hardworking and fun group of individuals I have ever worked with!  We had a fantastic team of 30 associates, family members, friends and children happy to give back to  Boise.  A whopping 48 bags of leaves later… was evident that serving in the name of SARMC was as much of a blessing to our team as it was to the community.”

Taryn, we are proud of you, your team, and the entire Saint Alphonsus group.  This is yet another example of how we can change the world, one story at a time.


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