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Pride and Optimism Amid Healthcare Transformation

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v_endorsements_03It’s been a busy and exciting few days for me in our nation’s capital. I traveled to Washington, D.C. for the American Hospital Association’s 2013 Annual Membership Meeting.

I arrived with a great sense of pride and optimism that the work we are doing is right for our patients and community. We are called to have the right balance of intelligence and fortitude to create the transformation that is necessary for our nation to succeed in reforming healthcare in our country.

During this event, Dr. Benjamin K. Chu was installed as the new chairman of the American Hospital Association. He provided reflections and a glimpse of what’s ahead.

Dr. Chu spoke about the fragmented ways we used to take care of patients, with little coordination, comparing that to today’s era where clinicians increasingly have the tools to provide consistent and reliable care.

“We are creating an environment where we all have a decent chance of working for the right outcomes for our patients and our communities,” he said. “It is up to all of us to transform our care delivery systems and capitalize on these opportunities.”

At Saint Alphonsus Health System, we are building the tools and information necessary to help our patients make good choices. We will be able to track the progress of our patients’ health over time to help them lead more productive and healthy lives.

This is thanks to the valuable work and dedication of our Saint Alphonsus Health System physicians and associates. Our patients are safer because of your work, and it is the right work. On a patient-care level, just look at our success in reducing hospital-acquired infections, ventilator-acquired pneumonia, and pressure ulcers. All of these improvements are thanks to your efforts and our commitment to achieving better health, better patient experience and better value.

At Saint Alphonsus we have a great opportunity to bring our community and our patients the tools, the health information and the education that will make a critical difference. This is an exciting time to be in healthcare. We are fortunate to be part of guiding and leading this locally at the state and — thanks to events like this one – at the national level. As we proceed ahead I’m proud and confident you are with me on this journey.


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