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Celebrating the Health Exchange

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Today I’m glad to see that the Idaho Legislature approved a proposal by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter to create a state-based health insurance exchange.

I just received word that the Idaho State Senate approved the measure, and now the bill goes to the governor for his signature.

I’m very grateful to Governor Otter for his leadership, and to the partnership that we had with the Idaho Health Exchange Alliance. Saint Alphonsus Health System was an early backer of this effort, because we believe it will help Idahoans manage the important decisions about health insurance.

Had we not elected to pursue a state-based exchange, the federal government would have created one for us, a prospect I am pleased to avoid. The directive came from the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I know Idahoans seldom like acting under pressure from the federal government, but in this case our speedy and deliberate actions served to help Idaho stay in control of our affairs.

This is in direct correlation with the mission we pursue here at Saint Alphonsus, to provide health and healing close to home. In our practice and in our commitment to our mission, we work very hard at Saint Alphonsus to deliver the best care and counsel that suits our patients where they live. This gives me confidence that Idaho is well suited to building a health insurance exchange that will be better than any solution that might be imposed by the federal government.



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